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Handmade Jewelry Necklaces in all the latest styles and colors await you. Alluring neck wear for your neckline. Select a classic gemstone bead necklace in gemstones from around the world. Try one of our Fair Trade Handmade Bead necklaces like a kazuri necklace or a Samunnat handmade bead necklace. You may like a classic pendant necklace or something a bit more bold. Select one of our Big Bold Statement Necklaces. Perhaps you want an exotic look there here too. Classic gemstone handmade jewelry will brighten your everyday office outfits. Bracelets in leather and gemstones as well as earrings in onyx, jasper, and agate that can be pair with our handcrafted gemstone necklace are all here at VP's Jewelry Boutique. If you are looking for a great turquoise necklace look no further.

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Ultra-light Choker Necklace Narrow Jelly Band PVC Ribbon Style. Variety of colors PVC ribbon choker  & bracelet with handmade accent & sea glass earrings Faux Leather Ribbon Choker Necklace available in three colrs
Gold & silver graduating bead pendant necklace Buy Aqua Amazonite Gemstone Beaded Necklace & Earrings Gold graduating fan bead pendant necklace
Multi-strand gold seed bead necklace matching earrings Aqua & black artisan bead necklace & earrings Buy aqua blue handmade artisan bead necklace
Artisan bead pendant on sterling silver chain Buy aqua & line artisan bead necklace Buy aqua glass bead double strand necklace
Buy Big Bold Opal & Dragonfly Pendant Necklace Online Buy aqua beaded pendant necklace Buy Alluring Aqua Handmade Artisan Bead Necklace
Handmade Artisan Bead Necklace in Aqua
Price: $169.99
1 in stock!
Buy handmade Big Bold Statement smokey quartz gemstone bead necklace Buy red & yellow fair trade bead Kazuri pendant necklace Fair trade green and navy Kazuri Necklace
Buy handmade kazuri aqua pendant necklace Buy Rain Forest Agate & Artisan Bead Necklace Designer Cut Moss agate Pendant necklace
Handmade Green pendant necklace Designer Cut Agate Big bold pendant necklace Handmade artisan dark blue pendant on silver chain
Classic Jasper Pendant Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain Buy extra long carnelain gemstone necklace Buy black & white banded agate necklace
Long Big & Bold Carnelian Necklace
Price: $44.99
1 in stock!
Black Banded Agate Bead Necklace
Price: $39.95
1 in stock!
Trio of coral multi-strand necklace matching earrings Paintbrush jasper pendant on sterling silver chain Gemstone mookalite pendant on a gold chain
purple jade pendant on sterling silver chain necklace Delicate pink artisan handmade bead pendant on sterling silver chain picture jasper pendant on leatherette necklace
Picture Jasper Pendant Necklace
Price: $34.99
1 in stock!
Black and Rose artisan bead necklace Buy hand cut cananea turquoise necklace Handmade artisan pendant in purple and black lampwork bead
Cananea Turquoise Handmade Necklace
Price: $99.99
1 in stock!
Purple artisan bead pendant & earrings Wire wrapped artisan pendant on pearl necklace Buy handmade rare sand artisan bead & sterling silver necklace & earrings
Buy green handmade artisan necklace big bead styled necklace Buy Green bead necklace in handmade beads Designer cut rain forest jasper pendant on a sterling silver chain
Rain Forest Jasper Pendant Necklace
Price: $64.99
1 in stock!
Blue gemstone pendant on sterling chain Blue Hichoryite pendant on gold robe chain Buy Peruvian pink opal pendant on sterling silver braided chain
jasper pendant on pearl necklace Gemstone labradorite pendant on gold chain matching earrings Buy big golden jasper pendant on a gold filled chain
Golden Jasper Pendant Necklace
Price: $60.95
1 in stock!
Pink quartz gemstone pendant on sterling silver chain Lapis Gemstone & Handmade Bead Necklace Buy Big Bold Black Gemstone Necklace & Earrings
Bloody Quartz Pendant Necklace
Price: $39.95
1 in stock!
Buy onyx necklace with artisan handmade pendant online Buy heirloom-quality turquoise pendant necklace Large turquoise pendant Buy handmade one of a kind artisan necklace
Black bead necklace with artisan pendant  Matching black bead earrings Handmade Artisan Pendant Necklace Bright Pink turquoise & silver leaf necklace
Turquoise Nugget Necklace Leaf Pendant
Price: $119.99
1 in stock!
Designer Gemstone Pendant Necklace Variscite Buy pink crystal necklace with handmade artisan pendant Buy Handmade Olive Pendant Necklace
Long Jasper Gemstone Necklace Buy whimsical flower pendant pink necklace Buy Flower pendant on crystal clear quartz necklace exquisite
wooden beaded necklace Buy navy & pinkk fair trade Kazuri bead necklace & earrings Green fair trade bead Kazuri Necklace
Turquoise & Copper Kazuri Necklace & Earrings Handmade Kazuri Bead Necklace Buy bright yellow fair trade Kazuri necklace
Buy Heirloom-quality Fair trade bead pink handmade Kazuri Necklace Big Bold Statement Rainbow Handmade Bead and Gold Kazuri Bead Necklace Buy turquoise Kazuri necklace. African inspired jewelry
Pink Beaded Necklace Kazuri Big Bold
Price: $199.99
1 in stock!
Handcrafted jasper gemstone with eco-friendly tagua nut & copper necklace Peacock blue handmade Kaziri necklace buy shades of pink big nugget and handmade bead necklace
Orange nugget statement necklace with beaded bead accents Handmade Beaded Bead & Hemitite gemstone bead necklace Chalodony blue gemstone & beaded bead Neckalce
Statement pastel yellow citrine nugget necklace Pink handmade fair trade Kazuri bead necklace Buy turquoise necklace with artisan pendant
Buy Dark Blue Kazuri Pendant Necklace & Earrings Buy big bold yellow tangerine and lime lucite & resin bead  summer necklace Buy handmade purple beaded bead necklace with amethyst accents
big bold chunky tagua nut necklace Tagua Nut Pendant Necklace Colorful Purple Hemp and Tagua Nut Big Bold Necklace
Pretty classic picture jasper pendant on sterling silver chain Buy long gold beaded bead pendant necklace Mother of pearl necklace & earrings for your wedding day
Buy elegant black handmade necklace online Buy black handmade artisan pendant necklace Buy Rare Prima Verde Gemstone Pendant on an elegant seed bead necklace
Buy rare & exotic natural stone chalcopyrite gemstone pendant on seed bead necklace Eco-friendly black South American Tagua nut neck wear Artisan handmade bead pendant on rose fancy cord necklace
Buy pink opal bead & starfish necklace Buy unique African inspired fair trade Kazuri necklace in black and white Exquisiste Handmade Green Kazuri Socially Conscious Necklace with Sea Motif
Buy Big Bold Handmade Blue Beaded Bead Necklace & Earrings Buy rare & exotic petrified dinosaur bone & silver necklaced Buy big bold blue handmade beaded bead necklace
Buy Green Apple Kazuri Necklace Buy exquisite big bold red Kazuri necklace handmade Buy elegant & sophisticated purple multi-strand necklace with  handmade pendant necklace
Timeless Jasper Pendant necklace Exquisite Big bold cream bead necklace Elegant seed beads green gemstone pendant necklace wavelite
Buy heirloom-quality Purple fair trade kazuri bead handmade pendant necklace Buy big bold handmade fair trade kazuri green bead necklace eco-friendly tagua nut multi-color necklace
Multi Colored Tagua Nut Necklace
Price: $39.95
1 in stock!
Blue crystal necklace with handmade pendant Handmade teal and aqua Kazuri Necklace Rose quartz classic graduating bead necklace
Blue Crystal Artisan Pendant Necklace
Price: $59.99
1 in stock!
Double Strand Rose Quartz Necklace
Price: $124.95
1 in stock!
Buy gold pendant necklace with reversable handmade pendant Classic jasper pendant necklace Sterling silver chain Buy green Kazuri fair trade bead necklace African inspired
Kazuri Big Bold Fair Trade necklace Handmade Samunnat bead fair trade necklace Buy handmadeartisan multi-colored bead necklace with pewter leaf pendant
Whimsical Handmade Artisan Necklace
Price: $174.99
1 in stock!
fair trade pendant necklace aqua and rust Buy splendid handmade pink & purple necklace online Buy green sea glass pendant necklace
Buy black & white fair trade Samunnat handmade necklace online handmade statement pendant necklace Tan Leather necklace handmade accent
Tan Leather Necklace Unusual Necklace
Price: $69.98
1 in stock!
green & black polymer clay necklace Buy handmade artisan pendant on gemstone necklace Handmade ceramic bead necklace rustic
Rust Raku Handmade Bead Necklace
Price: $149.95
1 in stock!
Buy 5 strand amazonite necklace asymmetric design Buy bold warm tone handmade artisan necklace Buy Unique Multi-strand Multi gemstone necklace
buy lilac fair trade bead necklace online garnet necklace with handmade pendant Buy amazonite necklace with handmade artisan pendant
Big bold Brass large tribal pendant on gemstone neckalce Buy deep dark green & red gemstone pendant necklace & earrings dragon blood jasper Beautiful Agate Pendant on leather necklace
Big bold chunky statement necklace in quartz nuggets Handmade tropical motif pendant on a pink bead necklace Buy Succor Creek jasper pendant on silver choker
Big bold blue green apatite gemstone necklace & earrings Quartz pendant on sterling silver chain Buy Big Bold hand painted peacock pendant on a calssic black bead necklace
Green gemstone Perma Verde Pendant on sterling silver chain Rare purple gemstone pendant big bod style on sterling  chain Handcrafted Big Bold Statement Mutli-strand, Multi-gemstone Necklace
Buy handmade Kazuri & sea glass blue & white necklace leather cord Buy handmade jewelry  fair trade bead necklace with Kazuri pendant Alluring Dusty Rose Gemstone Pendant Necklace - Rhodonite

Necklaces for all occasions - Neck Wear that stands out - Exquisite Necklaces - Handmade Jewelry just for you.

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