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Handmade Artisan Bead Necklaces.  One-of-a-kind Necklaces

If you are in the market to buy unique handmade jewelry you have found the best place online to find all those fashionable pieces that will delight you.

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Aqua & black artisan bead necklace & earrings Buy aqua blue handmade artisan bead necklace Buy aqua & line artisan bead necklace
Buy Alluring Aqua Handmade Artisan Bead Necklace Handmade Green pendant necklace Black and Rose artisan bead necklace
Handmade Artisan Bead Necklace in Aqua
Price: $169.99
1 in stock!
Purple artisan bead pendant & earrings Wire wrapped artisan pendant on pearl necklace Buy handmade rare sand artisan bead & sterling silver necklace & earrings
Buy green handmade artisan necklace big bead styled necklace Buy Green bead necklace in handmade beads Lapis Gemstone & Handmade Bead Necklace
Buy onyx necklace with artisan handmade pendant online Buy handmade one of a kind artisan necklace Black bead necklace with artisan pendant  Matching black bead earrings
Handmade Artisan Pendant Necklace Bright Pink Buy pink crystal necklace with handmade artisan pendant Handmade Beaded Bead & Hemitite gemstone bead necklace
Buy handmade purple beaded bead necklace with amethyst accents Buy elegant black handmade necklace online Buy black handmade artisan pendant necklace
Artisan handmade bead pendant on rose fancy cord necklace Buy pink opal bead & starfish necklace Buy elegant & sophisticated purple multi-strand necklace with  handmade pendant necklace
Buy Pink Jasper Necklace & Earrings Blue crystal necklace with handmade pendant Buy handmadeartisan multi-colored bead necklace with pewter leaf pendant
Blue Crystal Artisan Pendant Necklace
Price: $59.99
1 in stock!
Whimsical Handmade Artisan Necklace
Price: $174.99
1 in stock!
fair trade pendant necklace aqua and rust Buy green sea glass pendant necklace green & black polymer clay necklace
Buy handmade artisan pendant on gemstone necklace Handmade ceramic bead necklace rustic Buy bold warm tone handmade artisan necklace
Rust Raku Handmade Bead Necklace
Price: $149.95
1 in stock!
garnet necklace with handmade pendant Buy amazonite necklace with handmade artisan pendant Buy charming bright rose & lime necklace & earrings
Buy serpentine motif handmade artisan necklace Buy elegant aqua artisan bead handmade necklace & earrings green fair trade Kazuri necklace
Stunning black handmade artisan bead & silver necklace and earrings Green Crystal Bead Necklace with Artisan Handmade Pendant Elegant evening wear in an artisan handmade green bead & silver Necklace & earrings
Handmade Designer Black Beaded Necklace Midnight blue handmade artisan bead necklace & marching handmade artisan bead earrings Buy stunning Swarovski crystal cube &  silver necklace and earrings
Multi-colored seeg bead necklace with handmade artisan pendant Buyblack & grey  multi-strand Necklace with artisan handmade pendant Handmade peach artisn bead & sterling silver necklace
Handmade Artisan Bead & Sterling Silver Necklace & Earrings Handmade artisan bead & new jade necklace & matching earrings Jasper Pendant Necklace with handmade artisan bead & silver noodle accents
Handmade artisan bead necklace & earrings in a pretty golden amber color Beaded Bead Necklace with Handmade Pendant in orange The beauty of natural agate paird with a handmade bead for this necklace & earring set
Handmade orange necklace Artisan Bead Elegant black & ivory handmade artisan bead necklace & earrings Turquoise Necklace with handmade artisan pendant
Starfish turquoise blue pendant necklace Turquoise & handmade artisan bead necklace Buy onyx necklace with artisan handmade pendant pink & black Elegant
Handcrafted Exotic Bead Necklace Gemstone Raku & Polymer Clap Handmade peach artisan bead  necklace Buy Pink Artisan Pendant Necklace
Peach Handmade Artisan Bead Necklace
Price: $219.99
1 in stock!
Pink Lotus Blossom Handmade Necklace
Price: $129.98
1 in stock!
Buy online only green handmade pendant necklace Buy Handmade Artisan Bead Pendant on Silver Chain Handmade black & pink bead necklace
Buy Handmade Aqua Pendant Necklace Handmade pewter focus and handmade ceramic bead uniquely different neck wear one of a kind necklace Handmade fair trade bead necklace in shades of turquoise.Artisan handmade neck wear
Handcrafted Royal Blue Exotic Bead Necklace Polymer Clap Pink artisan handmade bead necklace Eathy tone artisan handmade bead necklace
Handcrafted Exotic Bead Necklace Handmade Raku Beads Buy elegant aqua handmade beaded bead designer necklace online Handmade artisan bead poylmer clay bead necklace blue
Handmade artisan bead and amazonite asymmetric designer necklace & earrings Buy Handmade Shades of Purple Artisan Bead Pendant on Silver Chain Handmade Artisan bead wine motif pendan tnecklace
Buy handmade bold pendant necklace on gunmetal neck wire Buy handcrafted purple & black necklace in handmade fair trade Kazuri bead accented with handmade artisan bead. buy blue artisan handmade necklace
Pretty pink handmade artisan beads & pearl necklace Buy pink handmade and crystal beaded necklace for a woman Buy camel & turquoise swirled artisan handmade bead necklace
Buy Handmade Artisan Black Bead & Onyx Necklace Buy crystal necklace with artisan handmade pendant Buy carnelian Gemstone and artisan handmade poylmer clay pendant necklace Pewter earrings ana leather bracelet
Buy handmade aqua artisan necklace online Buy pearl necklace with handmade artisan pendant & matching earrings Buy online alluring multi-colored artisan bead pendant necklace
Buy handmade artisan & yellow Jade gemstone necklace Designer handmade aqua artisan pendant necklace Handmade Blue Artisan Bead Necklace
Blue Bead Necklace Artisan Handmade
Price: $254.99
1 in stock!
Creamy Mocha Handmade Artisan Bead Necklace and Earrings Black Handmade Artisan Bead Necklace & earrings Red and Amber handmade artisan bead & silver necklace & earrings
Handmade lampwork pendant necklace reversible Handcrafted elegant crystal & silver necklace Gold & Cream seed bead multi-strand necklace with handmade artisan pendant
Swirled Brown & Gold Handmade Bead Necklace Green Gemstone Necklace with Handmade Artisan Bead Pendant Handmad Artisan Bead Necklace Purple
Handmade artisan teardrop bead pendant on a topaz bead necklace Handmade yellow, blue & pink artisan bead  necklace Designer handmade mustard & blue swirled artisan pendant necklace
Handmade artisan bead polymer clay bead necklace & earrings lavender & tan Buy Tan, pink & cream handmade beaded necklace with pendant Buy pendant necklace in a combo of  gemstone & artisan polymer clay beads
Buy charming & unique aqua & turquoise swirled artisan bead necklace Buy rose, brown & cream swirled handmade beaded necklace Buy unique handmade pink beaded necklace with gemstone pendant
Handmade pink & cream artisan bead  necklace Blue & pink handmade artisan pendant necklace Buy Handmade Shades of Green Swirled Artisan Bead Pendant on Silver Chain
Buy black & white swirled with brown handmade bead necklace & earrings Handmade yellow, green & beige  artisan bead  necklace & earrings Handmade purple & green  artisan bead  necklace & earrings
Handmade artisan bead necklace accented with lots of copper and gemstone beads Buy black onyx and handmade artisan pendant necklace Purple handmade artisan bead necklace
Copper Necklace with Lampworks Focus Bead
Price: $99.99
(Out of Stock)

VP's Jewelry Boutique offers a great selection on one of a kind handmade artisan bead necklace. You'll be sure to find just one you want among the many fashionable styles we offer.  Each one is an exclusive design so shop today to be sure you can get the one that is best for you. Once our artisan bead necklace is sold there will be no more.  Our designer make each one unique. Remember FREE fast shipping   is available on all orders of $50 or more.

Our handmade artisan bead necklaces offer you unique look, top quality at an affordable price. Many of the handmade beads & pendants used in our Artisan Collection are made in the USA.

Featured are lampwork beads, boro glass beads, polymer clay beads and ceramic beads each one carefully crafted by the artist than we incorporated them into our one of a kind designs.