Fair Trade Story
The Fair Trade Story

In today’s world of mass-production, with labor practices and wages exploiting workers in developing countries, it is so difficult to find products that you can feel good about purchasing. At VP’s Jewelry Boutique, we believe in supporting the rights of working women around the globe, which is why we are proud to offer our line of Kazuri jewelry.

Kazuri beads are a stunning, handcrafted items made by Kenyan women at the Kazuri factory in Africa.

As fair trade product, they support the belief that women deserve a safe work environment and a fair wage for their labor. At VP’s Jewelry Boutique, we utilize these incredible beads when crafting our line of Kazuri handmade bead jewelry.

Our collection of Kazuri jewelry includes more than 100 styles, all featuring the stunning colors and the craftsmanship that has made Kazuri a renowned success story.

From sleek monochromatic looks, to bold and colorful statement pieces, these necklaces are not only beautiful fine jewelry, they are also a statement of support for women everywhere.

From simple and elegant to bold and chunky, our Kazuri bracelets are a unique selection for you, or they also make beautiful gifts for someone special. Colorful, playful Kazuri bead earrings

At VP’s Jewelry Boutique, we take pride in handcrafting truly special jewelry that supports the Kazuri mission.

We know that the bead and gemstone market is an especially fertile area for exploitation, so we are very happy to support a manufacturer that adheres to strict standards and supports the rights of women. Each purchase of Kazuri jewelry supports this innovative program to empower women in Africa. If you are looking for a unique piece for your own collection, or a gift with extra special meaning, we invite you to browse our vast selection and discover the magic of Kazuri.

The Fair Trade Bead Story [Kazuri]

Situated on what was the Karen von Blixen's coffee plantation (Out of Africa) is the workshop where these ceramic Kazuri Beads are made. The clay is bought down from the Kenyan mountains, carefully hand shaped, polishes, fired, hamd painted and fire again. Kazuri was founded by Lady Susan Wood and her husband in 1975 to provide employment for women, who at the time were not allowed in the work force. The Kazuri factory now employs over 300 women who would not have a job otherwise. Kazuri pays 3 and 1/2 time the national average wage in Kenya. Your purchase of VP's Kazuri Bead Jewelry help to empower women in Kenya and makes a difference in the lives of these women and their families. Enjoy your jewelry designed and made by VP with these beautiful Kazuri Beads. Distribution of Kazuri beads is carefully controlled. Kazuri Distributor are screened and prices are controlled by Kazuri. VP's Jewelry only purchases Kazuri beads from authorized dealer.

About Kazuri Beads

How Kazuri Jewelry is Made

Each Kazuri bead is made by hand, which means that each individual bead is a work of art. These beads are made in Kenya and shipped to be sold in certain areas of the world. More than 350 local Kenyan women are able to provide money for their families because of the production of these beads. There is a very specific method that is used to make the beads:

First, the bead needs to be shaped by hand to create the right size and fit for the piece of jewelry. Once the bead has been shaped, it is hand painted to create a unique design on every bead. Since everything is done by hand, there are no two beads that are the same.

Types of Kazuri Jewelry

There are various types of jewelry that is made with Kazuri beads. One staple for many women is a nice necklace, which can be paired with Kazuri bracelets and Kazuri bead earrings. The best approach is to have several different colors and styles, so that you always have options to wear handmade jewelry with any outfit.

You can learn more about handmade jewelry, and see some of these beautiful creations, by browsing through the pages on our website. We provide only the highest quality jewelry that is available so that you can enjoy the beauty that you deserve. If you have any questions about these handmade beads, or if you would like assistance so that you can find the jewelry that matches your needs, then feel free to contact us anytime.

Kazuri is the Swahili word for small and beautiful. This describes VP's African Kazuri jewelry to a tee. Kenya women gather clay from the local mountains, hand shapes, hand paint and glazes each ceramic bead before firing to achieve that unique one of a kind beads. We use only authentic Kazuri beads from authorized dealers to insure that each bead is top quality and meets the standards of Kazuri. A lot of my kazuri beads come from KaKar Jewelry - Kazuri Beads. They have a great selection of beads and great fast service. I highly recommend KaKar jewelry for your kazuri beads. A purchase of jewelry from our Out of African Collection helps support African women and their families. Each time you wear this jewelry you will feel good about what you have given to the women of Africa to better their lives. VP's Jewelry Boutique is now offering her one of a kind designer African Kazuri Bead Handmade Jewelry. Each piece is designed and made by Virginia from carefully selected beautiful and colorful Kazuri beads. Designer cut gemstone, fire polished crystal and unique handmade artisan beads are paired with the Kazuri bead to make truly unique one of a kind handmade jewelry pieces. Must Necklace have matching earrings ans some have matching bracelets.

We use only authentic Kazuri beads purchase from authorized dealers only to insure that you will get jewelry at does support the women how made the beads and help provide a better life for them and their families.

Other Fair Trade Companies

The Samunnet Story.

Samunnat beads are light weight handmade polymer clay beads. Each bead is unique handmade by a special group of women in Nepal. Samunnat, a non-profit organization, was formed as a much-needed resource to assist the many Nepalese women who are the victims of domestic violence. These women produce some of the most beautifully-detailed hand-crafted polymer clay beads you've ever see. Located east of Kathmandu, Samunnat women earn fair wages that allow many of them to leave their vulnerable, often volatile situations. They've formed their own microfinance co-op with other women in the community, allowing them to manage operations themselves, and are also working toward the artists independently managing their own business. From victims of domestic abuse to fully-empowered business owners, the purchase of Samunnat polymer clay beads is helping provide the women of Samunnat with the necessary resources to improve their lives and the lives of their families and communities. We use only authentic Samunnet beads purchase from authorized dealers only to insure that you will get jewelry at does support the women how made the beads and help provide a better life for them and their families.
A thanks to Antelope Beads" for make these Samunnat Beads available here in the USA. They also have a great selection of other social conscious beads like Kazuri and handmade beads.

Look what beautiful jewelry VP's Jewelry Boutique offers made with these unique handmade Samunnat beads.

Imvelo Swazi project employs women who create quality ceramic beads and pendants by hand. These women are provided with flexible work opportunities and a fair and sustainable source of income, enabling each woman to provide for her family. The group has become a member of SWIFT (Swaziland International Fair Trade Association) and is part of the burgeoning Fair Trade community in Swaziland, demonstrating its commitment to the principles of Fair Trade and hopes to raise awareness about the potential for Fair Trade to lift families out of poverty. Working in a clean, safe environment, the women constantly train to combine their traditional skills with new techniques and are encouraged in their creative endeavors lovingly handcraft each piece from beginning to end.

We use only authentic Swazi beads purchase from authorized dealers only to insure that you will get jewelry at does support the women how made the beads and help provide a better life for them and their families.

Try a lovely pendant necklace featuring a Swazi pendant

Tagua (tog-wa) nut bead jewelry, an eco-friendly product are made from the nuts of South American rain forest palm trees. The Tagua nut is often called vegetable ivory or palm ivory, due to its color and rock-hardness when dried. Tagua nuts serves nicely as an environmentally sensitive substitute for animal ivory and can be made into beautiful carved figurines and beads. Each unique bead used in Vp's Jewelry Tagua Nut Collection is dyed in rich, fade proof colors before being hand craved and polished to a luxuriant luster. Each bead has a unique look upon close review revealing a beautiful grain.

Your Tagua Nut Earring Headquarters We have big bold tagua nut jewelry and delicate pieces too.

Tagua nut earrings make a perfect teachers or hostess gift.

A purchase of VP's Eco-friendly Tagua Nut jewelry help the people in the rain forest of South American earn a fair wage. Here's what a raw tagua nut looks like before i's polished and dyed